Are You Looking For:

  • a roaster that will supply freshly roasted coffee that is Extremely Smooth™?
  • a roaster whose coffee is reasonably price so you can still make a profit?
  • a roaster who offers FREE shipping?
  • a roaster who puts you and your coffee house first?
  • A roaster who understands that starting a new coffee house is really scary and that you will have questions?
  • a roaster who provides the service, coffee selection, and quality you want?
  • a roaster who’s coffee is consistent in taste and quality?
  • a roaster who has the most sophisticated coffee roasting technology and equipment?
  • a roaster that supplies a large variety of blends, straight origins and alliance coffees?
  • a roaster who will assist you in marketing?

Well… that’s us!

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Why Change Roasters?

We understand that selecting the perfect coffee roaster, or deciding to change coffee roasters, is a huge decision. We agree that you should not make the decision lightly. If you’re upset with your current roaster, take a day or two to think through it before jumping ship. You need to find the roaster who will supply the best coffee, provide exceptional service, and who will value you as a customer. If you decide your current roaster is not doing this, then maybe it’s time to shop around.

At the Jackson Coffee Co. we pride ourselves on the quality of our operation and how we treat each coffee house customer as though they are our only one. We know that without you and your satisfaction with us and our coffees, we would not be in business. Each wholesale customer is given the cell phone numbers of both coffee roasters, as well as the owner’s cell number. We want you to be able to reach us at all hours of the day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce Extremely Smooth™, freshly roasted, high quality coffee and ship it within 24 hours to our customers. We slow roast our coffees at lower initial temperatures. Slower roasting produces coffees that are smooth and without bitterness.

Our downtown store

Our downtown store

Smooth Roasting

To roast fine coffee well, it takes experience. Roast too dark and your coffee turns bitter. Roast too light and the full flavor of the beans aren’t unlocked. Sounds like a catch-22, but we at the Jackson Coffee Co have figured it out. We call it smooth roasting. Ask our roasters exactly how they do it and the answer can get pretty complicated, pretty fast. They adjust their technique slightly for each blend, getting the most out of the beans to create coffees that are full-flavored, yet Extremely Smooth™ and well balanced. Let’s just call it our secret and agree that enjoying good coffee doesn’t have to be complicated—it just has to be good.

The Right Equipment

We roast our coffee on an Ambex 10, with the computerized ProfilePlus RT System. Our roaster is equipped with a very sophisticated computer system that allows us to control every aspect of the roasting process. It’s the only way one can slow roast coffee and do it consistently. Most roasters roast their coffee “free hand” style and have to rely on temperature, time, sight and sound to control their roasts. This leads to coffee being roasted one way today and another way tomorrow. Do your coffees vary in taste? This is why.