The “J” Way

If you have visited Jackson Coffee Co., you will know that we are absolutely committed to fresh roasted coffee. Because of this, we only select the top 2% of Arabica coffee beans from the world’s finest growers. We then roast these beans to order, the old fashioned way, in small batches to the peak of perfection for each kind of bean, providing the customer with the freshest coffee experience available.

We roast ONLY after the beans are ordered, mark the date your coffee was roasted on the bag, and ship within hours of roasting. The result is simply great coffee roasted and packaged fresh. Whether you are getting a single-origin estate bean, or one of our custom blends and flavors, you can always be assured of the unmatched Jackson Coffee Co. quality.

It’s what we like to call “The J Way”.

We Roast The Coffee

This seems obvious doesn’t it? However, nearly 85% of those selling coffee on the web do not roast their own coffees. Rather, they post a fancy website and have an unknown roaster roast and package the coffee with the web company’s label on it. The person selling it generally knows little about coffee, but can design a great website that will entice you to buy their coffee. The Jackson Coffee Co invites the public to come and watch us as we roast in the front of our store in site of customers. Many buy their coffee right out of our roaster. It’s what we call “The J Way”.

There is a difference

We know first hand that drinking fresh roasted coffee can be a truly amazing experience. Freshly roasted small batch whole bean coffee can open the doors to tastes and smells that can take you to new places, as well as give you a heightened appreciation of exceptional coffee. At Jackson Coffee Co. we roast all our coffee in our downtown store in small batches–this lets us ensure the quality and uniformity of every roast we do. We have spent years sampling coffees from the world over, and determined the best way of roasting each to bring out the finest quality of each type. Our philosophy is simple: A coffee establishment begins and ends with quality coffee. It’s what we call “The J Way”.


Within hours of roasting, all coffee begins to go stale. There’s no stopping it. After two weeks, flavor and aroma start to fade. After three, the characteristics that distinguish one coffee from another may disappear. Your specialty coffee isn’t very special anymore. Packaging gimmicks may slow this process, but they cannot preserve the spectacular flavor of genuinely fresh coffee. Coffee cannot be fresh unless it is freshly roasted. That’s why, at Jackson Coffee Co., we roast only to order, mark each bag with the roasting date, and ship each coffee within 24 hours of roasting. It’s what we call “The J Way”.

Award Winning

In all the years 2007 through 2012, we won awards for “Best Coffee House” in Jackson. We have won every year since opening in 2006, beating out the likes of Biggby Coffee, three Starbucks, Bearclaw Coffee, three Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, and 5 other independent coffee houses. In 2007, the Jackson Chamber of Commerce awarded Jackson Coffee Co. the Brick Award. In 2008, the Chamber awarded us the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. In the March 2009 edition, Jackson Coffee Co. was on the cover of Jackson Magazine, and was the feature article. Our commitment to coffee, as well as the remarkable flavor of our coffees, and our commitment to our community, is the reason for our awards. It’s what we call “The J Way”.

Quality Guaranteed

Making sure our customers are satisfied is as important to the Jackson Coffee Co., as is the quality of our coffees. If any of the coffees fail to meet your expectation, we will replace it or refund the full cost of the product. If you need to return an item, please contact us within three days of purchase. It’s what we call “The J Way”.

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