Roastmaster’s Update

Roastmaster’s Update

Black Hills Gold Leafed Beans

I am pleased to announce that in an effort to stay true to the quality standards that the Jackson Coffee Co has come to be known for, and to exhibit a little bit of truth in advertising, we have slightly modified our Black Hills Gold blend.  Starting the 15th of this month, we will be bringing the black hills of South Dakota to your kitchen with the addition of a small number of gold-leafed coffee beans included in each bag of our Black Hills Gold.

After much deliberation and cost analysis, we have found that we can include these gold coffee beans at only a marginal price increase on a bag of this award winning blend.  You will likely only see a customer-side increase of around .50 cents!

Black Hills gold jewelry depicts leaves, grape clusters and vines, and is made with alloys of gold with standard yellow gold as well as green and pink gold.[1][2] In 1980, the 8th Circuit affirmed an injunction ruling that if a manufacturer was to call its jewelry Black Hills Gold, then it must be made in the Black Hills.[3] The state of South Dakota designated Black Hills gold as the official state jewelry in 1988.[4][5]

Our Black Hills Gold blend will feature mainly yellow gold leafed coffee in an effort to keep costs low.

We have researched the effect of gold leaf on the human body, and found no reports of ill effects, in fact, several alcohol manufacturers already use gold leaf in their products ie: Gold Rush, and Goldschlager.

Join us in store on April 15th for the release of the NEW IMPROVED BLACK HILLS GOLD BLEND!