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The Jackson Coffee Co. promotes local and regional music by providing live entertainment every Friday on our second floor. Musician perform a variety of coffee house style music Fridays from 7 to 10 p.m. There is never a cover charge, as all music is FREE to attend.

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Apr 25

Blue Water Ramblers

“The Blue Water Ramblers are lead singers who take turns harmonizing with each other to create the Blue Water Rambler tapestry of sound. Banjo-Jim Foerch sings of the sailors, farmers, lumberjacks, politicians and workers. Bear Berends croons the love songs and delivers protest songs old and new.

Banjo-Jim Foerch picked up his first banjo in 1965 and hasn’t put it down since. As a founding member of the regional touring band “Beats Settin’ Home,” Banjo-Jim was busy pickin’ and singin’ all over the Midwest for 20 years between 1982 and 2002. He says singing the songs of Michigan, America and our lives to all the people we meet on tour is the best thing he’s ever done. “Everyone I ever met here in Michigan or around the Midwest is proud of our home state and our country. Our songs express that pride the best way we know how- by getting us all singing together!”

Bear Berends
R. H. “Bear” Berends holds down the rhythm with his big, black six and twelve string guitars. As with so many baby boomers he started strumming guitar and singing folk songs in high school in the sixties. He joined Banjo-Jim and “Beats Settin’ Home” at the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan in 1993 and “Da Bearster” hasn’t stopped playing and touring since. “I wanted to sing with Banjo-Jim, so I learned all his songs and taught him mine and here we are,” he explains. Whether delivering the lead line of a love song or harmonizing with his solid baritone, Bear sculpts the Blue Water Ramblers’ sound.”

May 2

Bob Pogue

Bobs been playing in bands since he was 15. He has played
rock,folk,country, gospel, easy listening & country music throughout his
career. Former member of OVERLYND EXPRESS and the BOB DOLAN ROAD SHOW
for more than 15 years combined, Bob has accumulated more than 10
singles and 9 albums. A songwriter of life & road, Bob has toured nearly
every state in the U.S. and province in Canada. Bob has also played on
the Norweigian Cruise Line tour with BIFF & THE CRUISERS. Bobs talent
doesn’t end with his guitar playing ability. He also plays fiddle,
harmonica, pedal steel guitar, keyboards and sings lead and backup
harmony vocals. Bobs credits are endless. Warming up shows for well
known entertainers like the Bellamy Brothers, Charlie Daniels, Tom T
Hall, George Strait, Marshall Tucker, Lee Greenwood & the list goes on.
Singing & playing songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s,- Anything from
do-wop, country both classic & new, soft rock and most anything in
between. You’ll find yourself singing along to those favorite songs
you remembered. When Bobs performing,- Its a special & fun time.

May 9

Jen Sygit

Jen Sygit has been writing songs since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Her parents report that as a child she gravitated toward the musical instruments in the room and within minutes was able to play melodies on them. As early as Elementary school Jen could be found writing love songs on her parents beat-up organ in their basement and by middle school she was also composing songs on her acoustic guitar (a gift bought on a whim by her parents- upon which she has never had a lesson). It was this affinity for music that led her parents to encourage Jen to audition for the Interlochen Fine Arts Camp which she attended for several years during her adolescence studying voice, trombone, piano and visual art.

Born in Port Huron, MI, Jen spent her childhood years in the nearby town of Marysville, where she lived until 1999 when she moved to Lansing to attend Michigan State University. Jen quickly infiltrated the capital city’s music scene via the area open mics and blues jams. It was at one of these jams that she picked up her first gig as front woman for a blues-rock band called Murdawg and the Lowdown, Dirty Strays. During her stint with Murdawg she learned about an opening at world-renowned music store Elderly Instruments. Jen was hired and worked at the music shop for three years-attributing her ecclectic mix of tunes to her time there. At Elderly Jen honed her acoustic guitar skills while also learning how to frail banjos, strum ukuleles and pick dobros.

Jen now has three albums under her belt with her latest So Long Pollyanna to be released on Earthwork Music in May ‘09. Her last release Leaving Marshall St. was nominated for a Detroit Music Award for BEST ACOUSTIC/FOLK ALBUM in 2007 and made it to 9 on the independent roots music charts that year. The album also landed on a number of ‘Best of’ lists as well. Now, besides regionally touring and playing shows, Jen can also be found hosting the popular weekly open mic at Dagwood Tavern in Lansing. She has been host of the thriving scene for almost five years.

Jen is also in a band called Stella! with Jo Serrapere. Conceived by Serrapere (former member of Uncle Earl and award-winning songwriter), Stella! began working on a new album this spring in Brooklyn, NY under the supervision/patronage of Dave Marsh (Michigan native, co-founder of Creem Magazine and celebrated rock critic). The album is being produced by Adam Druckman with assistance from Larry Eagle (percussionist and background vocalist on Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions album) and primarily features the songwriting of both Jen and Jo. Stella! appeared live on Dave Marsh’s Sirius/XM show ‘Kick Out the Jams’ in April ’09. So Long Pollyanna was also spun during the show.

May 23

Bob Marshall

It all started with The Merv Griffin Show in 1967….

While watching the performance of a guitar player on the Merv Griffin show, I was enthralled at the sounds coming from the sunburst, archtopped, “F” holed guitar of the entertainer. Not just the notes, but the rythmic thumb thumps and accents that he used to drive the music forward. I knew that I had to play guitar.

Over the next few months I saved my money (a very limited commodity in those days) and purchased a “Holiday/Harmony” Arch top guitar from the Sears catalog. Upon its arrival imagine my diappointment when it just didn’t “thump” like that other guy’s guitar did!

Not to be discouraged I pestered my mother for guitar lessons. On a weekly basis she took $5.00 for an hour guitar lesson from her limited funds and drove me an hour one way to take lessons. Today she remains my biggest fan (aren’t Moms great?), even though my guitar thumping hasn’t improved one little bit.

I’ve been around the block a few times. I began playing in bars right out of High School in 1973. In 1975 I finshed 2nd to Jim Perkins (a local Detroit favorite) in a single entertainer competition. Jim won a guitar…I won …well 2nd! Although my ego at the time struggled with it, Jim should have won. He was better than I was. Congratulations Jim (ok….so I’m a little late with it). I’ve spent time with my music in front of audiences in the Detroit metropolitan area as well as Missouri, Kansas and California.

In 1976 I passed on an opportunity to join “The New Christy Minstrels”. It seemed like a rational decision at the time to pursue a real job that would have some long term benefits (like a retirement). I don’t regret the decision one bit. I’m back now doing what I love full time. I’m making music.

I’ve been fortunate in my life. Read what some nice comments from various folks have been………..

“Bob’s voice continues to resonate with a mesmerizing quality and his guitar work is sublime.” Grasslake Folk Festival

“…Bob Marshall, whose rich baritone voice and sensitive interpertations are sure to move you.” SLUM City Coffeehouse

“The words that Bob sings are from the heart and the guitar playing is honest enough to lay bare the soul.” Live From the Livingroom

“Bob Marshall’s rich baritone voice and sublime guitar work will make your day. This cowboy, singer/songwriter will make you laugh and warm your heart…. visit with Bob and listen to his great originals, paradies and covers…he does it all!” Ellen Doster, Motor City Sidestrokers

May 30

Russ Glenn

While most U.S. based singer-songwriters work on building a Stateside fan base in the hopes of someday playing for audiences overseas, Russ Glenn’s career began with an impromptu performance Down Under. While studying Resource and Environmental Management at a college in Australia, the Southern California bred Glenn was at a club late one night when the house band ran out of songs. They asked for volunteers to come up and play, and he got up and jammed on one of his favorite songs, Jane’s Addiction’s “Jane Says.” Now, some years later, he has recorded that song among ten originals and a cover of The Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane” on A Brand New Earth, his third and latest independent release.

Glenn has racked up a lot of frequent flier miles between that first stage appearance and his unique addiction to Jane songs and a fully realized band vibe on A Brand New Earth. Fashioning a true troubadour lifestyle, he has performed over the years everywhere from California to South Carolina and everywhere in between. Critics and tastemakers have remarked that he “writes melodic, soothing odes that crawl inside the recesses of your subconscious and root there for days at a time,” and have compared him to “a fiery version of Van Morrison” with a “Morrissey and Stipe vibe.”

“Russ Glenn’s A Brand New Earth is a treat on any day.”
Chip Withrow, www.musesmuse.com

“Russ Glenn’s simplistic artistry cuts through the over-dubbed,electronically layered world of pop music. His rich insights into life on songs like Flagstaff and Truth & Consequences make his messages live in the universal flow of human experience…a perfect fit for those who appreciate what can and does happen at an intimate live performance by an approachable, personable artist.”
Mike Pionkowski, Independent Music Critic, Topeka, KS

See a performance and hear more about Russ by visiting: