Our $6.95 Espresso Program

Our “$6.95 Espresso Program” is exactly what it says.  It’s our invitation for your coffee shop, restaurant or business to buy our espresso blend for just $6.95 per pound.

How can we sell it so much cheaper than your current supplier?  It’s because of the volume of coffee we buy, as well as our unique blending and roasting process.

Bulk Espresso

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Our espresso contains no Robusta coffee beans, but rather, is developed solely from 100% High-Grade, Arabica coffee. We then dark roast the beans to provide a rich, smooth and perfect espresso. When added to milk, it provides for the best latte your customers will taste. If you currently have an existing coffee house, you have likely thought about switching coffee suppliers because of price increases, supply issues, or simply inconsistent tasting coffees. We know that switching your entire supply of coffee seems overwhelming. Well how about just trying a new supplier of espresso? Most espresso is mixed with syrups and milk, and quite frankly, the customer can’t tell a difference when you merely try another espresso supplier. (Especially when the espresso is better than what you’re currently supplying) Likewise, if you’re just starting your coffee house or restaurant, this is your opportunity to get the finest espresso for an incredible price. There are no strings attached. If you buy our espresso, and find that it fits perfectly with your operation, order again for the same price. There is no obligation to continue buying from us if you find a better espresso at this incredible price elsewhere (good luck with that…)

Espresso is sold in whole bean form. If you want to have it ground, you need to specify this at the time of checkout. There will be a .50 cent charge per pound to grind the espresso. Please specify the grind at checkout. Grinding charge will be added to the purchase.

Shipping for our espresso program is calculated at $1.00 per pound to the contintental US. This will be added to your total at time of processing (not time of order placement) Please note that when you order, your total shown on the website does NOT include the $1.00 per pound shipping rate.

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