Is your organization looking for a way to raise money for an event or function?

The Jackson Coffee Co. has a coffee fundraiser that has helped many individuals, schools, churches and private organizations raise money. It has been used by as little as one person, to as many as 1200 students.

The Jackson Coffee Co. is a roaster of coffee, which means that we buy green coffee beans and roast them in our store. We are the only coffee house in Jackson County that roasts their own coffee. It is why we were voted best coffee in Jackson three years in a row. Our coffee is as fresh as you can purchase. We even put the date your coffee is roasted right on the bag. You will simply love the flavors. We have groups that sell our coffee every single year and a few that hold coffee sales all year long.

Coffee is something that 70% of adults drink, and is generally a more welcomed purchase than other fundraising items such as candy bars, pop corn, cheese, subs or gift wrap. We have put together a simple fund-raising program to assist organizations in raising the money they require for themselves or for extra-curricular activities.

How much profit will you make on your Coffee Fundraiser?

Coffee fundraisers are very profitable. You will make a specific profit percentage on every item you sell. All coffee is priced at $10.00 per bag. For each bag of coffee sold, you make 30% profit on every item or $3.00 each time you sell a bag of coffee.

How much do you pay to start a Coffee Fundraiser?

Our coffee fundraising program is presales. This means you do not purchase coffee in advance to sell. You sell using brochures and order forms that we will provide to each member of your group free of charge. That means you will not pay anything to start your fundraiser. There is no upfront cost so there is no risk in trying a coffee fundraiser.

How Does It Work?

We offer our freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee to your organization at discounted prices. See pricing above. There are six different coffees for which the members of your organization would take orders (see order sheet below). The orders would then be roasted in our store, and ready for pickup within 5 to 7 business days. The orders arrive in bulk and the organization will sort and deliver the freshly roasted coffees to the purchasers.

How do you place your final Fundraising Coffee order?

At the end of your organization’s sale you should collect all of the order forms, as well as the cash, from each member of your group. You will need to tally all of the order forms together. You will need to tell us how many of EACH coffee you need, Example: 18 Breakfast Blend, 12 House Blend, 3 Caramel Nut, 2 Amaretto. Some people find it helpful to use a spreadsheet like Excel. You will also want to add up all the money collected too.

You will bring your order to the Jackson Coffee Co. and deal directly with the owner. You will need to pay for the coffee at the time you place the order. Once we receive your order we will enter it in our system and begin roasting your coffee.

How Profitable Can It Be?

The price you pay the Jackson Coffee Co. is $7.00 for each bag of coffee ordered. Your organization would sell each bag for $10.00. This profits your organization $3.00 from each coffee sold.

If 25 individuals sell just 20 bags of coffee each, your organization would profit approximately $1,500.00 If 35 individuals sold 25 bags of coffee, your profit is approximately $2,625.00!

What Do The Fundraising Forms Look Like?

The coffee fundraising forms are one page, double sided pages that are easy to read and understand. See forms below (click to download the PDF).

How Do I Get Started?

Stop into the Jackson Coffee Co. to get more information and forms, or telephone our downtown store at (517) 990-6770 – Ask to speak to the owner.

The Jackson Coffee Co. looks forward to working with you on this profitable fundraiser. Please DO NOT start a fundraiser without contacting us first.  Call or stop in if you have any questions.