About Roasting

Roasting coffee is an art in itself. Each variety of bean is roasted exactly long enough, at the right temperature, to develop its unique qualities. Under-roasted coffees taste flat and monochrome. as the beans potential has not been unleashed. Roasted too long, even the best coffee is robbed of subtle flavors that make up its character.

To make the most of a good coffee, roasting is carefully watched. The raw, or green, coffee beans tumble inside a heated drum, expanding like popcorn and hissing as steam escapes. Flavors begin to develop as the beans take on their characteristic teak and ebony colors. If the roast is especially dark, the beans crackle, releasing essential oils which expand to rime the surface with a deep luster. At precisely the right moment, the roaster is opened and the beans pour into a circular grid. Cool air is drawn through the grid, quenching the beans quickly to prevent over-roasting.

Our Roastmaster has gone through hundreds of hours of training and continues to educate himself about coffee by attending seminars, festivals and education courses. He continuously is blending and cupping origin coffee to come with a new blend. It’s what we call “The J Way”.