Aug 1

Maggie’s Standard Time Band

“Many years of experience together has polished these musicians into a jazzy eclectic group that can span generations of music and audiences. Classically trained, they can rock and roll, ad-lib jazz, and swing the swing. Maggie’s Standard Time Band will thrill your guests with sophisticated taste. They are based in Ann Arbor and perform throughout Michigan.

Maggie Waltz is the bass player and leader of the band. She’s rock steady and plays a variety of styles including jazz, Broadway, blues and classical. She knows every nuance to every song, and her musical backbone allows everyone around her to be free with the melody, rhythms and solos.

Kyle Newmeyer’s distinctive tone and style create a pleasing combination to the ear. He switches between soft and soothing to loud and brash, and everything in between. Kyle captures the spirit of every song and leaves the audience eager for more.

Jean Wilson brings loads of expertise and enthusiasm to our group. Jean has a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano and music education, and arranges and composes for One Voice Gospel Choir. She is versatile, trained classically, with theater and jazz experience. She has a dry sense of humor and a wellspring of talent.

Rob Hejna has been drumming professionally since age 12. He has performed locally, toured nationally, and recorded with rock, blues, R & B, country, reggae, jazz trio and big band jazz groups. Most notable were his years with the Mallory-Jones Jazz-Rock Quartet, the II-V-I Jazz Orchestra, Frank Allison & the Odd Sox, and the Dean Solden Jazz Trio.

Charlie Kemp studied saxophone performance at The University of Michigan under Donald Sinta. He performs in the area, both as a classical and jazz musician. His talent, versitility and beautiful tone add great texture and variety to the band’s sound. He is an experienced saxophone instructor for students of all ages.

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