Jun 20

Ebb Tide Trio

Ebb Tide started out in the summer of 2012 featuring Kenneth Eby, Beau Buchanan, and Mike Snyder-Barker as an acoustic trio focused primarily on vocal harmonies and strong melodies. They merged their talents to create a great acoustic music experience. Having each played music, on their own and in bands, for many years, these three shine bright together. Fusing their guitar playing aptitude, Beau and Ken weave the melodies while Mike takes the pulse of each piece on his Cajon, a box drum that suits these sound creations well. The trio commingles their vocal might for harmonies that unfold in fresh conceptions of celebrated songs from John Prine, Waylon Jennings, Bob Dylan, John Foggerty, and Roy Orbison and other classic music luminaries.

These three artists are also songwriters with a pleasing repertoire of their own crafted tunes. The subjects of their originals range from road tunes to remembering loved ones who’ve gone on before us. They’ve just begun the odyssey of crafting songs together, and the first indications are fine examples of their musical collaborations, and these are a foreshadow of compositions to come.

In late 2013, Ken Eby has moved on from Ebb Tide. He sure will be missed. Ebb Tide has taken this opportunity to expand and explore new approaches to music making. We have added Fiddlin’ Dixie to the make-up of the group. She is an awesome fiddle and mandolin player who has written and recorded plenty of music. She brings such a bright energy to the group and a fantastic approach to the tunes Beau & Mike have been playing for the past two years. Ebb Tide is expanding beyond a trio and will have a second guitar player during most of the performances and will occasionally bring on either a full time (or mercenary) bass player.

Keep your ears open, because Ebb Tide is sure to put a smile on your face and a new dance to your step so get ready to sail on the Tide for a journey into Classic Blues, Rock, Country and Folk.

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