Jan 31

Tim Pepper with Sam Pepper

Tim Pepper

So where do I start? We love to perform music. We have absolutely had a great time playing all over Michigan and into Ohio and Indiana. We strive to bring a high-level of professionalism and versitality to all of our gigs. We want to help people discover a fresh and new sound in music. We bring a unique and original sound by blending Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar with the Trumpet and many percussion insturments that help to give a greater expression of our music and creative art. We are just a couple of blue-collar workers who love to play music. Though we dont really do this for any personal gain or recognition, we just love playing music. We find that myspace is a great information touchpoint as well as live gigs are to connect people with our creative art. Our plan is to encourage and inspire people as we perform our music in many settings.

From the age of 5 Sam had an interest in the performing arts.  At the age of 11 she started playing guitar.  By age 13 her love for music developed into playing piano and singing as well as writing her own music.  Since then she has progressively picked up more instruments developing her natural talent.  She has found a great love in playing and performing for others and now with the dawn of her first single “Listen,” she is taking her music on the road playing at many local venues.  Don’t miss the opportunity to come out and see this amazingly talented young lady. Check her out on facebook at:

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