Dec 27

Genna and Jesse

Playing the Jackson Coffee Co as part of the FolkGalore music festival

There are certain things in this world that are great by themselves, and are even better when combined with another singularly great thing – salt and pepper, ebony and ivory, peanut butter and jelly, surf and sand. Songwriters Genna Giacobassi and Jesse Dyen are a perfect pair and a natural duo.

Genna and Jesse began performing together in 2009 when Genna hired Jesse to play piano in her band. While working together, a romantic union blossomed and the two decided to write and perform as a duo, and to invite other artists into their creative circle.

Singer and songwriter Genna Giacobassi is a Bay Area transplant from Lansing, MI. Her parents are both musicians – her mother a multi-instrumentalist and former music teacher, her father a working saxophone and flute player. She grew up with music all around her, and attended Interlochen Arts Academy High School, where she studied opera. A rebellious spirit, she put aside a future in performing the works of others in order to write her own. In 1995, still a teenager, she dropped out of school and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has been creating music ever since. Her soulful voice is at once easygoing and acrobatic, with hints of Billie Holiday, Ricky Lee Jones, Lucinda Williams and Joni Mitchell.

Jesse Dyen has a colorful musical history—he has bought beer for Joe Strummer, broken Joan Baez’s guitar string, and been to jail with Daniel Ellsberg. After he sang his anti-war anthem “Sons and Daughters” for Willie Nelson, Willie told him it was a great song. Jesse has self-produced hundreds of tracks and has appeared in projects as nearby as Oakland and as far away as Cape Town, South Africa. His album “Contents Under Pressure,” recorded in his hometown Philadelphia and featuring some of Philly’s finest musicians, has received radio airplay both domestically and internationally, and was recorded by producer/drummer Andy Kravitz, who also engineered and produced a number of the duo’s recent singles including “Tumbleweed and Tonic” and “I Won’t Do it Again.”

Genna & Jesse are founding members of SF Musicians United and are currently involved in their pet project “Genna & Jesse Present,” which is a series of inspiring, all-inclusive events that use their songs as the focal point for diverse creative collaborations with artists across the globe.

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