Aug 9

Blue Jello

Ben Hassenger and Pat Malloy make up Blue Jello, a fun and family-friendly duo! Their whimsical sense of humor appeals to the young-at-heart of all ages, while their more serious songs explore the joys and challenges of life. Long time members of the popular Lansing-area band Mystic Shake, Blue Jello is Ben and Pat’s opportunity to try some new ideas and approaches to their music. Songs from their CD “Life is Good” will be featured along with other originals and Mystic Shake favorites. WARNING: Watch out for ukuleles!

“Everyone was floored by their musicianship; especially on the ukulele! Talk about artistry; these guys have taken the art of the ukulele to a higher level with scintillating songs and instrumental duets.  Yowie!” Maggie Ferguson; host of Live From the Living Room, Pontiac MI

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