Jun 21

The Blue Pontiac

The Blue Pontiac LIVE at the Jackson Coffee Co. 06-21-13

The heart of Blue Pontiac is the wife & husband team, Rosalind Hartigan and Graham Cassano.  The pair has been playing music, together and apart, for more than 20 years. They began as political punks, and after a brief detour through jazz, ended up back where they started – with 3 chords and a cloud of dust. The damage caused by too many years in too many loud rock and roll bars made them turn down. So punk became hillbilly, but the rage remains. The couple moved from the east coast of the US to the Midwest just as the Great Recession hit Michigan like a tsunami. They watched their new neighbors and friends pulled under by the tide. Inspired by early country music and artists like Rose Maddox, Loretta Lynn and Woody Guthrie, Blue Pontiac set out to document the dust as it settled in their first CD, Welcome to the Great Recession. They continue this minimalist neo-billy documentary with their latest EP, The Devil at the Bottom of the Sea. Through audio clips taken from a constantly moving phantasmal camera–from the Delta blues lament for the Gulf (“Blacktide Blues”) to the ruins in Haiti (“Kayla Kraze”)–Blue Pontiac tells the story of another year passed and lost in our Great Recession.

Since forming in 2009, Blue Pontiac has taken its particular brand of neo-billy minimalism to coffee shops and clubs in Michigan and throughout the United States. In addition to Hartigan and Cassano, band members include

Graham Cassano – dulcimer and dobro

Ros Hartigan – bass, fiddle, vocals

Dan Kennedy – guitar, vocals

Mike Kenyon – cello

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