Nov 2

Kerry Patrick Clark

Kerry Patrick Clark built the recording studio in which his 5th CD, On the Road to Human Being, was recorded. He laid a sub-floor over the cement for both warmth and insulation. He constructed walls within the walls to dampen sound. He designed the rooms to accommodate both his equipment and his personality: a bend here, a window there. He turned the sterile metal support beam into a shelf to hold CDs. When the old, abandoned school down the street was being torn down, he took the wood flooring that had been marked by the dimples of ten thousand students and laid it in his hallway.

Kerry is a blend of the practical and the visionary. He’s got a brilliant mathematical mind (for what is music but sonic math) mixed with an ability for theoretical understanding (just note the title of his new CD). What he can’t seem to figure out though, after decades of trying, is exactly how to classify his music. It’s not nuts and bolts, and it doesn’t seem to fit easily into the defined boxes of pop, folk, country, singer/songwriter, Americana.

Instead, his music is quintessential Kerry Patrick Clark—each song coming from a moment he’s lived, and all roads leading to this one.

As he was on the verge of putting the final touches on the recording for his next release, his computer crashed and wiped out hundreds of hours of material. At first he was devastated, but Kerry quickly found acceptance. “What’s perfect about having to do it all again is that my music has been honed by taking the time to reflect and rewrite. Sometimes starting over is the best way to not only capture the emotions in each song better, but to write each song in a way that is accessible to more people—taking my story and turning it into our story.”

Kerry’s music has always been a place he could go to find peace. Or answers. Or to ask the questions that his life and his heart have been asking. His music is about experiencing the entire range of emotions our hearts can feel. The wonderful highs of a wedding, a child’s birth and the love of family mixed with the extreme sorrow of loss, death and moments of hopelessness. Kerry’s journey has been in finding out what a true gift these emotions are by taking the time to be in each one and feel it fully. That journey has not only made his life richer, but it’s also made his music richer.

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