Sep 6

Kevin Nichols

Kevin Nichols LIVE at the Jackson Coffee Co. 06-07-2013

After Kev Nichols spent a full year bugging and begging his parents for a guitar, they finally broke down and put one in his hands at the early age of 12; he hasn’t let go of it since! Equally at home with his full electric band Blue Tuesday or in more intimate singer-songwriter settings, he brings joy and passion to every song he plays and sings. His love for a wide range of musical styles seep into every minute of his performances. From tender ballads to roof raising rockers, he’ll have you tapping your feet, humming or singing along, and wanting the music to go on and on and on! Kev has lived his life believing that music is a wondrous gift and a common thread that runs through us all and he can’t wait to share his songs with you!

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