Sep 28

Chad Cecil and the Family Dentistry

Chad Cecil and Family Dentistry is a folk act from Michigan whose music is a mixture of vocal harmonies, acoustic and electric guitars, double bass, violin, and drums producing an unfeigned sound. Chad Cecil began writing songs many years ago then has slowly been bringing in his friends in to play music together. The band is far from a one-man show; Pilgrim Metts on the double bass and Ashley Elliot on violin provide brilliantly expansive string sound. While Adam Dolson, electric guitarist, gives color to the group’s natural sound. Michael Valier Edwards, drummer and most recent collaborator, is an ingeniously diverse musician.
Chad Cecil and Family Dentistry recently released an EP that is self-titled. Jackson, Michigan’s own Jeff Stutzman, whom Chad considers a major developer in the group’s sound, produced the cd. The band has played shows in Lansing, Detroit, and participated in Jackson’s folk festival named Folk Galore.

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