Aug 10

MJ Bishop

BISHOP~DAVIDSON(duo from Nashville, TN)

BIO: With nearly 14 years on the road as an acoustic enchantress, MJ Bishop did
not feel a pressing need to hook up with yet another songwriter and begin booking
afresh as a brand new duo. Neither did WT Davidson – comfortably ensconced in
Nashville and resting on his laurels (cuts by Ray Charles, Crystal Gayle, and
Michael Johnson, to name a few) – feel particularly inclined to leave his cozy
perch for a brand new batch of venues and an entirely new adventure in writing and
playing. Yet, after meeting in a smoky backroom song circle in Nashville, the two
seemed almost incapable of continuing the status quo, and found themselves drawn
together. MJ and WT have experienced a serendipitous meeting which is yielding
more than a new act to take on the road – it’s a new way of approaching their
craft, something hard to pin down, yet sensed by an audience with real delight.

GENRE: Jazzbo Acoustic Folk With Tabasco


JOE PETERS (solo performer from West Lafayette, IN)

BIO: Joe Peters is a singer-songwriter who has released seven CDs of original
music since 1998, and can often be found performing around Indiana and elsewhere
in the Midwest. Joe came of age during the late 60s and early 70s, and his songs
hearken back to a time when young people sought the experience of peace, love and
adventure and expressed this search in their music. Through his own music, Joe
hopes to rekindle in others that spark of the truth seeker that was awakened in
him long ago by the songs of other introspective songwriters. Many of Joe’s songs
are influenced by oriental philosophies and were written while living and working
overseas. Moreover, as a former professor of environmental science and natural
resources management, Joe’s music often embraces environmental themes, including
land stewardship, a sense of place and community and the love of nature.


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