May 25

Michael Teager and Matt Borghi

Their music, briefly defined, consists of an eclectic repertoire that emphasizes improvisation, songs, and ambient music.

For a more complex perspective, Michael Teager and Matt Borghi’s friendship, and musical & creative curiosity has lead them to doing extended ambient, deep listening performances that fans Jan Garbarek, Robert Fripp and Tangerine Dream would appreciate to bare bones acoustic renditions of their stable of songs that are right at home with artists such as Neil Young, James Taylor and Van Morrison right on through the canon of American music including allusions to Delta blue legends like Son House, jazz standards like Autumn Leaves, and old time bluegrass & folk. Teag and PK is nothing if not eclectic.

One thing is for sure, when it comes to Matt and Michael, this musical friendship is a celebration of music and creativity. When John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme is quoted in the same set as the Grateful Dead folk standard, Going Down the Road Feelin’ Bad and then followed up by a psychedelic exploration of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtower that pays homage as much to its various treatments over the last fifty years as it does to a contemporary approach that emphasizes an early Philip Glass-like minimalism and repetition that’s more raga than three-chord song structure all completely insulated by a stable of original music that has absorbed all of these influences and more… Well, you get something that’s quintessentially Matt and Michael.

Teag and PK’s live music performances are considered live sonic experiences that have been compared to Nick Drake, Pink Floyd and Radiohead… In these situations, Michael Teager plays sax and flute, while Matt Borghi plays (and manipulates) guitar and sings. Occasionally, other players will round out the group, but Teager and Borghi are always at the core.

Whatever it is that can be said about genre-bending breadth of Teag and PK’s music they’re always dedicated to creating honest and inspired music that’s rich with improvisation, sound texture and always true to their exploration of music and creativity.

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