Nov 25

Tom Timlin With Zach Graft


Former music teacher Tom Timlin singing the music of the 50’s, 60’s. Perfect for the Classic Cars night. Bring your Blue Suede Shoes, Greasy Hair, Buffants, or Beatle Wigs (I need the extra hair), Bell Bottoms and your voice to sing along …Get Ready to Rock and Roll, the original way! [Okay, you might have to explain to the kids what all this stuff is and why you are dressed funny]


He is Michigan’s top violinist and can amaze you with versions of Amazing Grace to songs like Stairway To Heaven. Zachary Graft started playing violin at the age of 10, and has since transformed himself into an up and coming fiddler. Playing mainly celtic and irish fiddle, with some classical and bluegrass flair occasionally, he is at home in nearly any setting. Some comments he has received from people attending shows are “Amazing set the other day. You are one amazingly talented musician. I got chills during your set”, “I observe much Technique and Emotion in your playing. It’s refreshing to listen to such talent.”, and his personal favorite: “You don’t fiddle like a republican!” One of the highlights of his young career include having 5 tunes in the top 40 of Soundclick’s traditional Irish Charts, with three of those coming in the top 24.

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