Jul 1

The Tom Toms

Chris Day and Kayla Macmillan started playing music together in 2007 in high school for Choir concerts and also just for fun. Then Kayla suggested that they write a song for a friend of theirs who was having a child, that song was called, “Noah’s Lullaby”. After writing that song they realized they really enjoyed writing together so they started a band originally simply called, “Chris and Kayla”. They started performing and writing songs regularly which quickly evolved into their first album called “Stick to the Plan”. They added two musicians to the group for the album, Austin Howard on drums and Nick Taubitz on bass. While recording the album they changed the band name to, “The Foolish Grins”. Once the album was finished they weren’t happy with it’s aesthetic sound so they eventually scrapped it and began recording a second album. After recording two songs for their second album, “Slaughterhouse” and “Unwritten”, They suddenly broke up. The song, “Unwritten”, was originally intended for Kayla to sing but because of the break up, Chris recorded the vocals instead. Chris recorded an E.P. using the song “Unwritten” which was co-written by Kayla with her permission. After six months of separation Kayla attended a Performance by Chris at AJ’s Cafe in Ferndale, MI. The place was empty so Kayla and Chris just began playing together for fun, a few months later they decided to work together again. Slowly Kayla got re-introduced into Chris’s music. They formed a new band called, “Strange Brew”. They finally started getting gigs again and started to take the music more seriously. Kayla wanted to change the name, after a few days of arguing Chris got frustrated and said, ‘Whatever you say next is going to be our band name’ Kayla said, “Tom Tom” as a joke, Chris was pleasantly surprised so they changed the name finally to, “The Tom Toms”. Two new members have joined the group Alexis Marrero on drums and Matt Wagner on bass. They are going to recording their second album this summer.

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