Jul 20

Matthew Robert Eich

Matthew Robert Eich’s first release ‘Good day, Long Train’ listens like a story. As
a raggedy-voiced narrator he lets the readers in behind the scenes as the characters
play out their lives. Although this may not entice the Bieber-esque masses, you sit
with these songs and hear what they have to say. Because each song says something.
Something about living, which is something this young writer has done much of.
Growing up in small-town Michigan, he brings his small town simplicity to his song
Matt spent most of his years in small town life in Alma, Michigan. After graduating
a parochial highschool, Eich was trained as a guitar maker by ex-hippies in a
quonset hut in the desert, studied to follow his father’s footsteps as a minister,
scraped through a Minnesota winter in a heat-less industrial garage, built guitars
with a small business in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where he played songs
with The Steel Wheels and Robin and Linda Williams, worked for a corporation in
Chicago and then lost his job during the recession. Along the way he’s met people
with stories, many of which he met busking on the streets of Chicago. His CD ‘Good
Day Long Train’ contains songs about these experiences and people. His most recent
CD ‘Dirty Screen’ is a collaboration with Milwaukee artist Stephanie Barenz. The
songs on this disc were written for her paintings. Each disc contains prints of her
work. Visit for more information.

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