Jun 17

Rebecca Ann Henry

This is one talented artist.  She has a voice that will move you.   She was on JTV two months ago, and they labeled her one of the top five best performers to ever be on their show.

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, MI
Genres: Country / Country Rock / Accoustic
Members: Rebecca Ann Henry – Guitar, Piano, and Vocals

Rebecca Ann Henry, based out of Central Michigan, grips your soul with an energetic mix of country, folk, and alternative rock. Inspired by the classic sounds of Reba McEntire and Deana Carter, to the modern stylings of Incubus, Jason Mraz, and John Mayer, Rebecca brings it all together by adding her own special touch. Balancing the intimacy of a coffee house, with pop-punk energy, she fires you up with a free-spirited passion. Rebecca Ann Henry is easy on the ears, and rough on the heart.
After a mix of unfortunate life circumstances, Rebecca took to song writing as an escape. Although she most often sings about the rough spells, this does nothing to describe her infectious spirit. She says that, “The point of a sad song is to make you feel it fully. Then and only then can you truly let go.” Instead of dwelling in the past, you’re likely to find Rebecca dancing towards the future to the alternative pop-rock genres. This positive energy makes Rebecca Ann Henry both a delight to listen to, and endearing to watch.
When writing, Rebecca focuses on letting the eloquent power of a tale radiate through raw honesty and vulnerability, without going out of her way to be abstract or difficult. Accessible and easy to relate, she takes you on a journey through love, hate, fear and jealousy, then illuminates your way to letting go. Making the most out of simple, yet effective guitar lines, she lets the focus fall to the lyrics and the emotion

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