Nov 26

Nate Z.

I am a Chicago Musician born and raised in Jackson, went to High School at Concord
High, played many years of travel hockey out of Jackson (Optimist Ice Arena). This
is my second cd, first solo album “With Nothing Left”. I grew up with music, started
on the piano then moved to drums, and finally picked up the guitar in college.
Wasn’t until I moved to Chicago where I really started to hone in on my skills, and
find my voice. My music is very passionate and emotionally driven. My songs are
based around real life experiences, as well as short stories that I come up with. My
guitar style is very rythmic, but my songs are not classified to just one style. My
music taste is very broad which is probably why my songs can go from rock to love to
folk and blues. Over the past two years I have impressed many with my voice as well
my guitar playing. Those who see me play will most certainly not be disappointed.

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